Shakopee Dollars for Scholars Sets New Record

On Wednesday, May 20, 2015 Shakopee Dollars for Scholars (SDFS) held its Annual Awards Breakfast Banquet for the 2015 Shakopee graduates at the KC Event Center.  Ninety-one (91) students received a total of $74,000 in scholarships. This is an increase of $6,000 over 2014. 

Not only did SDFS have an increase in additional scholarship funds over the previous year, but a matching grant of $10,000 was also achieved from Scholarship America for Renewable Scholarship Awards. This money will be used for renewable scholarships for the class of 2015.  Qualified students will have the opportunity to receive an additional $1,000 for their 2nd year, $1,500 for their 3rd year, and $2,500 for their 4th year of secondary schooling. A total of $5,000 in scholarship monies, in addition to whatever the student received at this year's awards program. Thanks to donations from individuals, businesses and organizations within Shakopee, at least three (3) and hopefully more of these renewable awards, will be awarded in May 2016. Those students that wish to apply for these renewable awards will be required to submit an application online approximately January 2016. The winners will be announced at next year's awards program. The purpose of these renewable awards is to help deserving students not only to get into college, but to continue until they obtain their degree.  Too many of our students drop out because of college debts.  If a talented hard working student wants to get a college degree, money should not be the reason that keeps them from that goal.  We hope that these potential renewable awards will inspire all of our students to focus on continuing their education beyond high school.

Barb Brekke, a 1989 Dollars for Scholar recipient, was the keynote speaker at this Awards Program.   She encouraged the students to become part of a "community" while in college and beyond college.  Her message also included warnings of times when they would be faced with adversity.  To be prepared for those times and not let themselves continue to remain there, "stuck in the mud!"  Lastly, she advised the students that they needed to seek a major that would bring them happiness, not just for the money.  Her message was well received.