Steps to help you apply for a scholarship

Below are the written steps to apply. You can also watch this video that will walk through steps 1 & 2. 

    To start, please click on the Login button below. Once you have inputted a few pieces on info, an email will be sent to your email address for verification of your email and password creation. Once you do so, you will be sent back to the main website to finish your profile. Please read all details in the "My Information" box to complete your profile.
    1. DO NOT use your high school email address.
    2. You MUST use an email in your profile that you will check on a regular basis
    3. ONLY create one account/login

    You will need to input info into each section listed below.
    1. Basic and Additional Info
    2. School Info
    3. Academic Info: GPA, Class Rank, and Test Scores
    4. Activities: Include all info from the beginning of your freshman year until the end of your senior year (Sept. 2020 - May 2024). List every extra-curricular school activity and community volunteer event that you participated in (I.E.  sports, class plays, band groups, choir, leadership clubs like Key Club, National Honor Society, Student Governing Board, church involvement, hospital/nursing home, Eagle Scout).
    5. Awards: Include all info from the beginning of your freshman year until the end of your senior year (Sept. 2020 - May 2024).
    6. Employment: Include all info from the beginning of your freshman year until the end of your senior year (Sept. 2020 - May 2024).  If you work a seasonal job (I.E. ValleyFair), list the average number of hours/week and how many months you worked. (I.E. You worked from June-Aug. of 2020 and 2021:  that is 6 months, not two (2) years.)
    7. Parent/Guardian: Please provide a parent's email address, if possible. Double check that both emails are correct.
    8. Financial (FAFSA): Not required to be eligible for a scholarship; if blank, you will not receive any points for that section.
    9. Essays:
      1. Goals: When writing your goals, be as specific as possible. Avoid any generalities. Tell us what you want to do with your life and why. Your goals should relate to your area of study/major. 
      2. Unusual Circumstances: This will not apply to everyone; this is for those of you who have had something happen in your life that has affected your achievement in school, work or activities (I.E. you had mono during your Sr. Year, a parent is sick, etc.)
    10. Transcripts and References: You need to request an appraisal/recommendation from someone (I.E.  Counselor, coach, teacher, etc.). This person needs to know your plans, goals, etc. to complete your appraisal effectively. ASK someone that knows you well, TODAY!
    Below are the written steps to apply; watch this video to help with this step.
    1. Once your profile has been completed, click on the 'My Scholarships' Section (yellow area) on the left navigation bar or on the homepage screen. After answering a couple of questions, the scholarships that match to you will be displayed.
    2. Click the "Submit App" button on each scholarship listed.
    3. Once you have submitted a scholarship(s), the scholarship(s) will move to the "Submitted Applications" section of the "My Scholarships" page. Scholarships outside of the Shakopee Chapter may appear if you match to them. We strongly suggest that you apply for ALL scholarships listed there!
    4. If you apply for a scholarship in a certain field, make sure that the college you will be attending has classes in that major. (I.E. Do NOT apply for the ecology scholarship if the school you are enrolled in doesn't offer any courses in the ecology field.)

A couple of other notes about your profile, applications, and scholarships:

  • You must complete every field labeled with (**) a double asterisk. Use correct spelling and good grammar. Do not use acronyms that may not be familiar to everyone. Make sure that the information you input in each section applies to that section. 
  • If you receive an email from us reminding you to finish your application, go back and check every step of your application. Read all instructions carefully and remember to hit the 'Submit' buttons. DO NOT assume that the email was sent in error.
  • Scholarship amounts range from $500 to $1,000.

The 2024 scholarship applications will open March 1st, 2024.

Problems/Questions: Write to